Presenting Kara!

Age 18
Representing California

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About Me

Heya boys and girls!! Im Kara and I go to ASU fulltime now. I shot with David because Im just a college girl looking for easy work...but hey, it turned out to be so much fun! And I really surprised myself with how many ideas and expressions you can make when you are naked! I would do it again in a second, in fact Ive got 5-6 more shoots with David (all nude of course) to get to this month! See you around, and I'll check often for your feedback.

Our Thoughts

Kara, Kara, Kara. Kind of just rolls off the tongue right? Well, Kara's sweet face and sexy little body just rolls right off the eyes! She giggles, she blushes, she does everything that a shy and cute little college girl should do when she is dropping her panties for our exclusive master art nude photographer David for the first time.

PHOTOSET Kara More than Great Ink
PHOTOSET Kara Need to See More
PHOTOSET Kara I Heart You
PHOTOSET Kara Diamond Ink

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Kara in  - Play Video!
Kara in  - Play Video!
Kara in  - Play Video!
Kara in  - Play Video!

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